Care for your Clothes

To keep your clothes lasting long, it is important to follow the instructions given on the label! Here are some general information on the washing instructions and advice.



Maximum temperature 60C. Normal spin cycle.

Maximum temperature 60C. Slow spin cycle.


Maximum temperature 40C. Normal spin cycle.

Maximum temperature 40C. Slow spin cycle.


Maximum temperature 30C. Slow spin cycle. If you do not have this symbol on your washing machine we recommend that you hand wash the garment.

Dissolve the detergent carefully in the water (35C - 40C) before you add the garment. Avoid soaking. Squeeze the garment in the water, don't rub or wring. Rinse carefully.


Do not wash.





Chlorine-based bleaching
 allowed. Only cold and dilute solution. Do not use chlorine-based bleach.


Iron at a maximum temperature of 200C. Iron at a maximum temperature of 150C.
Iron at a maximum temperature of 110C. Steam ironing may cause damage. Do not iron. Steaming and steam treatments not recommended.
For some of our garments we recommend dry-cleaning. The reason for this may be that the clothes contain details/materials such as shoulder pads, fur collars and acetate linings that may discolor or shrink if washed in water. Leather and suede garments should always be cleaned by a leather specialist.
Dry-clean with regular dry cleaning fluids. Do not dry-clean. No stain removal with solvents.


To maintain the garment's original look it's important to notice the symbol that indicates whether it should be tumble dried or not. Never tumble dry garments that cannot take tumble-drying! If you choose to dry your garments in an airing cupboard you have to make sure that the temperature does not exceed the one given on the care label. Drying at room temperature is the best thing for many garments.

Tumble dry at normal temperature settings. Maximum temperature 60C. Tumble dry at lower temperature settings. Maximum temperature 45C.
No tumble dry.


Sort garments by color and given washing temperatures. Always wash similar colors clothes together. Colored garments can release excess dye if washed at a higher temperature.

Do not use too much! Too much detergent does not give better results. The excess may remain in the clothes and cause skin irritation. Measure out the detergent according to the instructions on the packet. It’s important to know whether the water in your area is hard (use more detergent) or soft (use less detergent). Call your local water authority if you’re not su
re. Do not use detergent with optical whitening or bleaching agents on colored garments, which may cause the colors fade.

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